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Years of exposure to salt and moisture can create a pock marked uneven and cracked surface on garage floors. Most times no maintenance has been done to these floors over the years of service. Rhino Concrete offers a garage floor overlay system that creates a new polymer concrete wearing surface over even the worst concrete flooring surface. Our system includes a three day, six step process.

The heart of our system is our exclusive polymer concrete overlay. It is specially bonded to the underlying concrete and will not lift or delaminate. This material is applied at an average of 3/8" thick and fills even the worst holes and cracks. The thickness applied will not require an adjustment to overhead doors, man doors or steps into the house, yet is thick enough to provide a completely new wearing surface. Once the overlay is applied, two layers of our special concrete sealer is applied to protect the overlay for years to come.

Typical garage floor overlays take three days to complete from start to finish. Foot traffic can start within 4 hours of the last application of sealer so the garage can get back to the reason it's there, storing equipment. Wheel traffic from garden trackers or cars can be placed on the floor after 48hours from the last application of sealer.

Color Charts

Stamped Concrete Integral Color Chart

Concrete Overlay Color Chart

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